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The following terms and condition are for the usage of www.strongleads.net  or www.bplanets.com and  
allsportsinfo.org  its services; these are deemed to be accepted by the user/client. Before any business
proposals or by accepting the terms of services below, you are expected to read the following terms and
conditions which would reflect our future relationship. These terms and conditions would be bound on all our
clients and will have all the direct implications attached as there would be no modifications and can be revised
by Bp Enterprises without any prior notices to the clients. In addition, the acceptance would be deemed in the
following cases, whether you have acquired services from us orally or in written, have authorized the payment
or have made an action to pay. These would be considered as accepted from the client and will hold the same
implications incase of oral or in written agreement.


Bp Enterprises is to be considered as service provider for Web Designing, Software Development, Software
Customization, Content & Technical Writing and any special requirement lay out by the client. However, none
of the responsibility would be accepted by Bp Enterprises in case of any allegations against the business,
services and products promotion made directly or indirectly of our clients. It is stated clearly that we are only to
be considered as service providers and our clients take the full responsibility of their actions which Bp
Enterprises have no affiliation with. We do not allow our clients to use our services or the usage of our site to
be involved in any type of prohibited and unlawful actions or purposes. These points are stated to make it
clear that Bp Enterprises do not take any responsibility from the third party or direct from their clients. The use
of our services is entirely on our discretion and no liability is rendered by any changes, modifications or
update of this website.


Bp Enterprises is the exclusive owner of all the content in its website and does not allow to copying,
reproducing, uploading, modifying, republishing, posting, distributing or transmitting in any form or shape
without prior consent from them. Thereon, any of the above actions could cause legal action against the site
and persons involved for such actions, whereas Bp Enterprises has reserved all its rights expressly stated or

Unacceptable Practices

Bp Enterprises has been providing their services for some time now and follow strict rules set by law therefore,
it has set some unacceptable practices which are strictly monitored and reviewed and may result in termination
of a contract which do not adhere with the following;
Bp Enterprises controls the decision to render their services or not, and any of the services which have adult
material, explicit language, particular orientation of material that is connected with sex, nudity, race, color,
ethnicity, religion or any material that can be concerned as a disturbance and offensive would not be
accounted by Bp Enterprises .
Therefore, you are expected to conduct your business in a professional and a legal manner which will help
you built your relation in a positive manner with Bp Enterprises .

Privacy Policy

To maintain a fair privacy policy Bp Enterprises does not share any information to third parties about clients
who acquire our services. For more information you can visit (privacy-policy.html) which is regularly updated
for your privacy and security.

Term of Use

Conditions set by Bp Enterprises will help you to understand the policies we follow in case of refunds and
cancellation. Please visit the following link for more information on (refunds and cancellation policy).


By law any contracts of services with Bp Enterprises would be govern by California, USA. Therefore the parties
are to hereby follow the applicable law under the United nations Convention in the International Sales if Goods.
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