Training Manual For Account Executive.
Refer A Business Listing
Your business grow and their business grow.
Season Market is Salon and Wellness Living
You can literally cut your selling time in half by asking everyone who buys an
ad from you to refer you to another (or several) business owner they know. I
have had business completed from referrals from just a few initial sales! Don’t
forget to ask for the referrals, it works.
This work different if  you don’t want to take any pictures. Refer the business,
Following the email instructions. You get $50.00,   Let the savings begin.
Now  you can get $50   off your first business directory websites promotion.
Billing   for every  Business  friend who orders directory  
service. Your friends will also get $20 each, on top of our current new
customer offer. Not to mention, they'll start enjoying the ultimate Promotion of
their businesses,  experience that only strong directory can deliver.
How it works
You refer your business friends to your  Email address as
your account number.
You receive $50   in bill credits for each friend who order the directory listing
or websites  service.  Your friends also receive $20 in bill credits. Your
Business get promotion in all the media you like to post.

What to do
Refer your friends  businesses  to   with an email.
Give them your  email or  phone number as your account number and tell
them to order online at  refer or by calling

They must have your  Email    account number when they order. Where is my
account number?  You can find your account number on your monthly bill,  Its your email address as user name.  receive email
confirmation or by phone  or by logging in to
Receive $20 bill credits for each friend who activates strong leads directory
End of transmission. Please confirm your email or call us who you referring.
This include chapter 1 to 6   only. Please send you email address and your
friends businesses.   Lets save and make money.
 Let your finger do the talking !
Working Partime and Make Money as
Ads Account Executive Promoter
Referrals Network Program
Ads  Account Executive   Part Time
 Training Manual.
Welcome to the the  business directory  network of
independent distributors
. I would like you to know that every single facet of
this business has been worked out over the past  years and what you hold in
your hands is a complete guide to starting a successful B2B advertising
company. Obviously, your actual income is derived from being face-to-face
with a prospect that can buy an ad from you. However, don’t miss the
importance of effective prospecting. Proper preparation can cut your selling
time dramatically and put more money in your pocket for the time you spend in
the field. I have found that there are certain aspects of our business that make
it an easier, quicker and more profitable sale than most products or services.
* Independent Contractor Commission: 20 to 30 % of Total Gross Sales.
* Partnership income territory commission.
See Details. D.O.E.
1. It is unique with virtually no competition. You can offer a prospect the year
long  attention of high quality prospects that they cannot reach any other way.
2. The price you can sell the ads for comes to pennies per year per prospect.
Nothing else comes close to our value.
3. No money up front, hassel-free, deal-on-a-handshake sales process.  see
products your presenting,
4. Almost unlimited prospects. Most projects have hundreds of prospects to sell
just 12 to 15 ads to. Through the process of training dozens of other
independent distributors, I have found that the ones that are most successful
are the ones that approach the business exactly as I have outlined it in these
pages. Keep this manual with you as a reference while you are prospecting,
selling and ordering.

Please note that any use of the “ ” name, logo or business
outside of materials provided, must be authorized in advance by us.

As always, let me know how I can help you grow your business.
Happy Selling,

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                           • Training and Success Manual •
Page 2

Important: This is the most crucial step in your sales process. If done correctly,
you will have more than enough prospects to fill your card. This entire
prospecting process only takes an hour or two and will save you many hours of
talking to people who don’t believe in advertising.
First, print off several copies of the “call sheet” at the end of this manual. You
will use this to write down the names and locations of your prospects. Next, visit
the places in your area listed below and collect the publications and information
Local Chamber of Commerce
Maps & any other publications with ads
Chamber directory (if it’s free or inexpensive)
Check bulletin boards for ads & business cards
Weekly TV guides with local ads
Penny Savers, Thrifty Nickel, etc.
Real Estate Publications
Cash Register Tape Ads
Ads on benches in front of store
Around Shopping Centers
Displays & Bulletin Boards
Free Publications
Cruising the Area
Listen to local radio for advertisers
Read the billboards
Look for “Grand Opening” & “Under New Management” signs
Look for new signs (they are spending money to attract customers)
Unique or out-of-the-way businesses (specialty shops)
Local Newspapers
Visit the local newspaper office and get at least 10 back issues of the
heaviest ad days, usually Sun. & Wed. • Training and Success Manual •
Page 3
Coupon books, door hangers, ad mailings (trash can at post office)
Sheriff, Rotary, Kiwanis Calendars, etc.
Little league field signs around the outfield
High school football program
Local school newspapers
Ads on buses, taxis, trash cans
Health Clubs, Skating Rinks bulletin boards, brochures & schedules
Restaurant menus, placemats and bathroom ads
City clerks office for new business listings last 6 mo.
Now, go through all the information you just collected and write down at least
100 prospects that would
benefit from being on your card. Remember, you are only looking for 12 but
write down over 100 and
your job is half done. If you have 100 prospects to sell just 12 ads, you will
approach each one with a  high level of confidence.

Telephone Technique;  Follow Up
1. Dial the number Hello,  Hi is the owner or Manager around, We are doing a
marketing survey,  Do you have a websites, ---- answer --  internet ads ?  ____
What is the name of the Manager or owner?  I would like to make an
appointment,   ________  pause, Yes I like to share the opportunity of this
* business directory
Is   2  or 3:00 PM today .   I will see you then,   
2. Make Appointment .  Know the owner or Manager Name,  Are you interested
in getting more customers?  Set up the Presentations.
3.  Make the point to get the name of recipient and address attention the via
mail,  This is another option to make contact if cannot make the sooner
4. Ask a question, do you know anyone who be interested in promoting their
businesses. Ask your friends in businesses.
Selling the Ads
Once you have a complete prospect list of at least 100 prospects, start visiting
the retail stores, restaurants and service companies that would make good
I strongly suggest that you do your first flyer in your own neighborhood. It is
easier to get around and the people you know and do business with should be
the first ones you start with. Also, you want to target businesses that have
certain characteristics.

1. They rely on the general public for their business.
2. They have a high probability of being locally owned.
This will automatically eliminate shops that you know are low percentage
presentations, such as large chains, b2b shops and many franchises. The key
to doing a lot of business in a short amount of time is only spending time with
people who are willing and capable of buying from you.

You must remember to target the most likely businesses that will buy. I know
this sounds really basic, but most salespeople have been taught not to pre-
judge and to give everyone a chance to buy. This is the worst thing you could
do in our business. You will waste too much time with people who can’t buy.
The following is a list of business categories that almost always appears on our
cards. If you just sold one of just 12-15 of them you would have a card
completed in the shortest possible time. Almost every town, large or small, will
have more than one of each of these categories, allowing you to offer
exclusivity for each category, which becomes a huge selling point.

• Training and Success Manual •
Page 4
Pizza, Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Italian, Chinese, Buffet, Sub/Sandwich, Family
Beauty Shops
Nail Salons
Auto Repair
Auto Body
Quick Oil Change
Carpet/Flooring Stores
Furniture Stores
Tanning Salons
Karate Studios
Gift Shops
Men’s Store
Mortgage Companies
Frame/Art Store
Ladies Clothing
Ladies Accessories
Jewelry Store
Once you decide to call on a business, just use the short presentation I’ve
included for you at the back of the manual.
Print it out and have it laminated so it stays looking fresh.

The Presentation:  This is Walk the talk in B2B.
Hi, I’m ___________. I’m working with a few area businesses to encourage
people to shop  locally. Do you have a second,  so I could tell you how it works?  
• Training and Success Manual •
Page 5

If you would like a spot on the coming directory websites, It’s $199.00 and that’
s for the full year.  They’ll carry the business through _______ of next year.
By the way, there is no money due today, just tell me what you want on the
listing and I’ll get a check when I deliver the ads  in a few days. If you want to
be included, I just need one of your business cards and tell me what you want
to say.
*  The product you’re selling is the directory and Websites.   
1. Take Photo of the products,  5 to 10 Exposures still pictures.
2. Menu or previous customer ads, Important messages
3. Email to
4. Movie ads and directory will be created
That’s It. Don’t complicate it. Most people try to say too much when they first
start. You don’t  need to say anything but what’s written above and on the sell
sheet until they give you and indication of whether they’re interested or not.
Remember, keep it simple. People can’t remember  more than 3 things at a
(If you need to recap or say additional points because of prospect’s
hesitancy or negative  reaction, just use the 3 point recap statement...)

Let me just recap the most important reasons why other businesses like yours
decide to participate.
1. You will captivate audience of over 1,000 prospects that will carry this
Business in their wallets & purses for an entire year.
2, Yours’ will be the only  ________business on the competition
3. The lowest possible cost ________for an entire year’s exposure, and
remember, you don’t  pay anything until I deliver the sites is complete.
I’ve been told by many business owners that this program is a “no-brainer”
Can I count you in?
At this point you will get some sort of reaction, either positive or negative. If it’s
negative, don’t  spend a lot of time trying to change their mind. In an average
town you will have hundreds of prospects and you’re only looking for 12. Don’t
waste time trying to change peoples mind. Go find someone who WANTS to
buy.  What makes the presentation so powerful is the fact that you are not
collecting money up front. Over many, many years of selling, we’ve found that
if someone doesn’t buy, it’s usually 1 of 2 things (assuming you’re selling
something of value to them). Either they didn’t understand the offer or they
were skeptical or didn’t trust you.

By letting them pay on delivery, you are eliminating any possibility of
skepticism. Media proposal is presented,  commit them before taking
pictures. Usually a down payment of half of the agreed price is form.
Make a payment  thru  BP Enterprises.
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