Tournament Events:
Dates:                    December  4 - 5, 10, 11, 12,    (1) Friday Night tourney
Divisions:                M(    ,35,45,55)d; X (    )d; NM(3.5-5.5)sd; NW(3.5-4.5)sd; NX(3.5-4.5)d;
Open: BG(18-10)s,SE; BG(18-14)d,SE

Organization:                All SportsInfo   IE Tennis
         Attn: Brian P. Tinio
Fost Field Park
Perris , CA 92571
Org Phone:                (951)
Org Fax:                (951)
Org Website:      
Director:                Brian P. Tinio
Director Phone:                (951)
Director Fax:                (951)
Section:                 So. California
District:                 Southern California
Surface Type                 Hard
Entry Fee:*                Free 00 per player per event singles  per player per event doubles
Checks Payable To:                IE Tennis AllsportsInfo
Send Checks To:                N/A
Draws Posted:                10/1/2014
Tournament Website:      
Last Updated:                10/1/2014 12:00 PM (Pacific Time)                Enter

For IE Tennis ranking purposes, this tournament is a Adult and Junior Fun event. more info
Prize Trophy  gift Certificate and prizes in all events based on draw sizes. No changes  days
prior to the start of the event, except in cancelled events. If you don't receive notification by
Thursday, November 24th, please call (951)              after 12:00 p.m. In divisions with less
than six entries, players will be moved to the next higher division. Senior divisions will not be
combined. Events with small draws may not begin play until second weekend.
Couples Tournament .

ALL MATCHES SCHEDULED FOR : Fost Field Park  Perris Ca 92571

RCC: Riverside Community College, 4800 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, corner of Magnolia, on
top of parking lot
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