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Our imagination and creative combination, of
eye-catching visual images perfectly blended
with a strong soundtrack is key to a successful
websites and video commercial. When audio
and video work together seamlessly, the end
result is stunning. Our dedication to achieving
this perfect balance can be seen in every
commercial we produce. As entrepreneur love
to  music  and producers, we know the real
value and importance of a good soundtrack.
When it looks great and sounds great, it's
nothing short of exceptional. From concept to
completion, we deliver good quality website,  
video commercials, within a vast range of
budgets, to clients in all areas of business and
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$499.00  Starter Video
30-second video - Still
photography, music, logo.   
125.00  Micro Production -
30-second video - (Special # 1)
Half-hour video shoot,
on-location (within service
area), with owner or one
employee, edited with logo and
music or (Special # 2) stock
video and still photos,
voiceover, music, logo.
Business Pricing
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Advantages of Video
Some of the key benefits of the video
submission process are:
It helps in getting more traffic to your
It helps in building more backlinks for
your site.
One video can be submitted to several
video submission sites.
You can drive traffic from several
video submission sites to which you
have submitted your video.
Search engines give more weightage
to videos.
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