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Marketing Services

Our  Digital Marketing services helps restaurant owners, lawyers, home service providers, spas, car dealership and retail business
owners in all industries grow their brand and attract new customers online.
Our Digital Marketing Services
 1. My Marketing Strategy • Create a simple but attractive website as a landing page for the ad campaign and to generate opt-in data. •
Create a well crafted Click-to-Call, Google Adwords campaign to get immediate clientelle prospects to call. • Generate Sales Quickly
to generate money to reinvest in ads and other lead generation methods.

2. My Marketing Strategy •  Create a online strategy plan for  start- up business by writing and creating ads, on Google Adwords, Bing
and Facebook and get $100 coupons from Google & Bing for his initial campaigns.

3. My Marketing Strategy Created a Click-to-Call Campaign to Track all Incoming Calls!
4. My Actionable Steps ? Created a 4 page website for his business for a Monthly Fee. ?An Opt-in Form ?A PDF “ Home Improvement
Tips” added it to the website.

5. My Actionable Steps, created a contest to generate Opt-Ins Info.

6. Ah-A Moment ?Google Search visitors started calling us from the Click-To-Call text Google Ad-words ads I created. Searchers
called from the phone number listed on the landing page of the website. ?We got our first moving job from our Ad-words campaign with
48 hours of our ad appearing.

7. Pre-Payments via PayPal ?   integrated PayPal as a payment option instead of cash
and the sales skyrocketed. ?Clients are willing to pay for the entire move prior to the services or make a substantial deposit.