BP Enterprise's IS one of the marketing   companies! Mix the products with Christmas wreath, centerpieces, and bread
bake by local bakery.  Our Experienced consultants are the BEST IN THE USA! They will set up your entire program for you!
(From Start to Finish)  Quick, Easy and We do ALL THE WORK for you! This Year make your additional profit a  Enterprises!

Spectacular       Christmas    * New Year     * Valentine Day     * Mothers Day   

Planning Meetings
GOALS: Together we discuss your store additional profits.
PUBLICITY: We plan publicity and promotion
PRIZES: You choose a prize program to motivate your sellers
ORGANIZE: We organize your group for a successful campaign
We set up Catalog, forms, and banners for easy order.
All payment goes to your store.
5 Days on * Delivery we collect all the balance.
MOTIVATION: We conduct a brief motivational meeting with your sellers
EXPLANATION: We explain the program and order form
TASTE TEST: We let your sellers taste our delicious loaf bread, and cheese cake
View Sample of Christmas wreath, centerpieces with candle.
Selling Period
TAKE ORDERS: Your sellers take orders from customers, family, relatives, and friends for 10  to 20 days before Christmas.
TABULATE: Orders are tabulated
TURN-IN: Orders are called or faxed into your local consultant
* DELIVERY: We deliver the products to your multi-purpose area
PICK-UP: We provide instructions for a smooth seller pick-up process

Units Sold                         Cost                      Selling Price                             Profit                         % Percentages

1500                                   20.00                           38.50                                22,500                           30%  to    50%

500                                    15.00                           29.99                                 7,500                              

500                                      5.00                          10.00                                   2,500                             50%
This Agreement is made this ____ day of ________, ____ between BP Enterprise’s  Solutions and
Participant. Bp Enterprise’s  Solutions agrees to provide the requested merchandising items to Participant.
Bp Enterprise’s Solutions will pay for all shipping and handling of catalogs, order
forms and items ordered. Collection envelopes and customers letters, flyers are available upon
request. Any merchandise that is damaged or missing will be replaced or refunded. Any
merchandise that is discontinued, sold out or back ordered will receive a full refund on cost
of item if a suitable substitution is unacceptable. Any cancellation of order after
receiving catalogs or order forms will be charged for cost of catalogs or forms plus
freight charges unless Bp Enterprise’s Solutions agrees in writing to accept a return at
customer’s expense. Freight charges will still be charged. Holiday & Spring catalogs
may not be returned.  Merchandise may not be returned without written
permission from Bp Enterprise’s  Solutions.  Contact Us for more information.
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Fund Raising,  Merchandising  Program. Easy   as  1. 2. 3.
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Program Great for High School Fund raiser, or Sports
Fund Raiser. All Fund Direct to your Sports Team.