Frequently Asked Questions

Please do contact us if your still have any questions unanswered…We are here to help.

Q.  What if I already have my own website?
Then you’re in good company! Our  program and the majority of them already have their own website. We
place a direct link from the site that we manage to your website, driving additional traffic to the website you
worked so hard to build.

Q. Do you have other promotion offer,  like fund raising?
 Yes,  Our program  is based in networking, we have new news for certain business. ( eg; restaurant,
catering, wedding, photographer and Florist, ) Matching a partner for fundraising is easy. Sell more
products,  sign up more customers order.  Call for  fund raising consultant and your store will have more

Q. Who is the hosting company and video glimpse platform ?
We promote at  yahoo search and hosting. Video ads is place in channel  You Tube and other sites
advertisement. This help the company rank in any search engine available.
Video is taken in your establishment  with continue operations. The account agent takes the pictures, sign
you up for promotion and video listing.

Q. What happens after I’ve booked my spot for this incredible offer?

Once we receive your confirmation of what hosting plan you’d like, We will email you our Pay Pal subscription
payment link for your hosting subscription. After you have set up your subscription, we will email you our  
Content Guide.  This is a  Word document you can quickly and easily follow to write up content for your
website. The document also shows you how to find your site address (domain name), website style, what
pages you require and also what images you would like and where you would like them.

Q. Who writes out the content for my site?

It’s your business/organization and website so you’re the best person to decide what information you’d like
published. You can use your ads, flyers, brochures and other business information to create your content.

Q. How can I change my content after the site is published?

Soon after your site is published for the first time, we will send you an ‘Amendment Guide’ document. You
can use this document to specify any changes, corrections etc. We will then do those changes and send you
another “Amendment Guide” document to ensure all the changes have been done correctly to your
satisfaction. Once you’re happy, we will publish your site. Any changes after that can be done at a super low
cost of $25
per hour…or done free of charge at our discretion.  However you can submit any flyers, documents to your
account agent.

Q. What types of businesses and organizations can use your free website offer?

Our services are best suited for those wanting informational websites, corporate sites, products and services
informational sites or not-for-profit sites. However we currently do not cater for those wanting to set up e-
commerce storefronts.  Let us know if you need store or any other idea in your behalf.  Our clients range
from trades people such as restaurants,  painters, carpet cleaners to professionals such as accountants and
lawyers. Contact us if you’re unsure about your situation.

Q. What is the basic structure of your website?

All our sites are custom-made so we will build your site around the information you supply us. Every
organization is different hence every site is unique in some way.

Q. Can I have photos, video, logos or any other graphic on my site?

We offer a custom design service and that means we will make the site to suit your needs. So of course you
can have any graphic or photo on your site…as long as you own the rights to use them. You can supply all
images with your Quick Content Guide document.

Q. How about the quality of work?

If you visit our Samples page  Bp Enterprises web pages.
…you’ll see some of the work we have done. The content has been altered in these examples in order to
adhere to our non-disclosure agreement. However the layout and graphics are cutting-edge and is similar to
what you’d get out of any other reputable web design company. The only difference is that they will charge
you several thousand dollars for the same work!

Q. Who owns the site once it’s developed?

You’ll own rights to all content supplied by you. We’ll own rights to the design ,video and
layout. This prevents our services getting abused by those wanting to move hosting to a company other than
ours. As long as your site is hosted by us, you’ll enjoy full use to all aspects of your website.
If you still have any lingering questions, please do contact us right away. Otherwise send us an email with the
hosting plan that would suit you best so we can book your spot immediately.

Q.  How long  is the term ?

One year promo price, This exclude hosting, We design your sites.  Video advertisement and should be
promote in every broadcasting sites. This will help the company to be place  in different ranking for search.  
However the layout and graphics are cutting-edge and is similar to what you’d get out of any other reputable
web design company. This agreement is base in normal websites hosting. Since most hosting company
charge per year for domain name.  We encourages you to be in our web
Sites company. Your websites is for two years or more due to first year promotional period.

Q.  Who is hosting the sites ?
We shop for the best hosting company  for your websites.  That’s defends in the program functionality you
want your sites.  If you have hosting company that’s host your sites, we can do the transfer.  Eg; (  directory
or your company directory programming )
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