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Grand Opening - Grand
A grand opening letter is a way to promote a business that
you have spent a lot of time and effort getting started.
After preparing your business for its opening, you want to
make sure everyone in your area knows that you exist.
Grand opening letters don't just announce the grand
opening, they also give customers a reason to attend.
Promotions and special contests can help draw in guests,
as can having local celebrities attend your grand opening.
Make sure all of these are highlighted in your grand
opening letter.

1. Determine what makes your business appealing to your
potential customers. You will want to create a short
paragraph or a bulleted list in your grand opening letter
listing the main selling points of your business to motivate
those who receive your letter to attend your grand
2.Repeat the key information several times in your letter.
This includes the date or dates for your grand opening,
the hours and the location of your business. All of these
must be provided for your customers to help them know
when to attend and where you are located.
3.Offer special contests or promotions for your grand
opening and describe these briefly in your grand opening
letter. You can have these promotions for everyone who
attends, but also add an extra incentive to anyone who
brings the grand opening letter with them to the grand
opening. Maybe have an entry form included on the back
of the letter and have that contest available only to people
who received the letter and drop off their entry at the
grand opening.
4. Include directions to your business. Even if you think
your customers will know where your location is, you still
should include detailed directions from several locations
around town.
5. Include contact information. Include a phone number
that will be monitored for calls or at least has voice mail. If
you have created a website for your new company, direct
your customers there as well for further information. To
motivate them to visit the website, you can even advertise
a special discount coupon posted on your website.
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