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Web-sites Special Include
Reliable and secure hosting:
* Establish online credibility with customers
*Consistent performance Sites are up and
running 99.9% of the time.
*FreeBSD (Unix) operating system and
Apache servers
*Shared SSL certificates and encryption SSL
is a method of scrambling customers'
sensitive information, like contact details, to
protect it from hackers.
*Email access from anywhere on the Internet

Features that help convert visitors into
*Customizable forms that let you collect
relevant information to help you communicate
and market to your customers
*Maps and driving directions so customers
can easily find your business
*Comparison page to showcase before and
after images.

Basic 5 page site - ONLY $599.99
Video Ad Intro, Your video online.
for more details
“ Silver Basic Extra Ordinary”
Includes Home Page -Contact Page   -About
us page -Product
and services page-  1 Custom banner
Your website will be linked to all of the other
websites we control,
which will help
drive traffic to your website.
Click here for
one of our link page examples.

-Your basic website package also includes
24/7 tech support
365 days a year.
-Your basic website with no extra ordinary
time involved with tricky graphics will be up in
running in less than 72 hours.

Special $ 599.00  for year.
0.00 per month. 4 to 5 Pages w/ video
Intro or explainers
$  799.00  6 to 7 Pages
0.00 per month.

Bronze Web Design Package - ONLY
$1099.00 Click here for more details

Silver Design Package - ONLY $2,500.00  
Click here for more details, Pages of 25 with
video interactive.

Gold Design Package - ONLY $5,000.00  
Click here for more details. approximate: 50
Pages, with video interactive.

Platinum Design Package - ONLY $7,500.00  
Click here for more details, Complete books
of Business. T.O.U and etc.
BP Enterprise’s  is a leading graphic and web design
company that delivers innovative solutions to help
businesses succeed. Through our graphic design,
web development, and website management services,
we specialize in developing, implementing and
measuring successful web strategies to enhance your
business and get the results you want

Events - Sales- Productions.

In today's online world, it is vital to have a web
presence that attracts the attention of your target
audience. You need a creative group that will help you
understand the complexities of online marketing and
how to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

BP Enterprises  will work with you to create a
customized visual identity that translates to the web
and into print. With that polished and professional
look, your business will be positioned for growth.

Bronze Web Design Package - ONLY $1099.00  
Monthly service fee $5

- Roughly 5-10 Web Pages in High Profile Custom
Web Design

- All of your text and image content for every page, as
specified by you

- A animated banner created special just for your
website that can be
trademarked or copy righted.

- Basic Search Engine Optimization (be recognized by
Google, Yahoo, MSN and
many more of the top search engines on the Internet)
That will drive new
customers to your sight when searching the Internet
for products or services of
your type.

- Monthly website 24/7 tech support provided by us
makes sure your website is
running weather your working, vacationing, sleeping,
spending time with your
family or anything you may have going on in your life,
we take care of your website
for you. (Monthly service fee of: $45.00) Any product
or service updates you want
added to your website comes at no extra charge to
you at all, you simply contact
us with the update and we do it!

- 'Contact us form'' for new website visitors to your
website to fill out that makes it
easy for you to keep track of who is logging into your
website and what services
or products they are interested in from your sight.

- Live message board for your staff and new
customers to leave messages and
communicate with each other.

- Live online chat room that you can communicate
directly with your customers.

- Unlimited FREE access to our classified pages for
advertising your products
and services.

- Your website link will be automatically added to all
other website pages created
by us and websites that we own to help drive more
customer traffic to your  
Web-Sites Development. Sales and Marketing.
Special Pricing
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